EB-5 Overview

The EB-5 investor visa category was introduced in 1990 with the aim of bringing foreign capital into America and rewarding the qualifying alien investors with the right of becoming U.S. permanent residents. To get this type of visa, a foreigner must invest from $500,000 or $1,000,000, depending on a geographic location, in a U.S. business enterprise that would create and maintain ten direct full-time jobs for the U.S. workers.

In 1992, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Pilot Program was established to attract more investors. The minimum investment amount was lowered from $1,000,000 to $500,000; the less restrictive employment creation requirement started including not only direct, but also indirect jobs; the need to manage business on a daily basis was eliminated.

To participate in the EB-5 investor program and to obtain the green card through it, one must make an investment in a commercial project aimed at generating employment and boosting American economy. People of all walks of life can apply for the program, because, unlike other employment-based visas, EB-5 visa does not require from you to be employed by an American company, or to have certain educational level.

The only mandatory condition you must fulfill is to invest $500,000 or $1,000,000 in the U.S. economy and to create at least ten full-time jobs for the qualifying U.S. workers.

Advantages of EB-5 for Family

  • Quickest and most reliable way to get a green card and U.S. citizenship: 8-10 months to obtain the green card.

  • Investor can bring their immediate family members with them (spouse and unmarried children under 21) who will enjoy the freedom of living, studying, working, or retiring in the U.S.

  • Better education: There are many outstanding private and public colleges and schools across the states, where domestic and international students can study. All Ivy League institutions, including Brown University, Columbia University, Harvard University, and Yale University, are located in America. This fact speaks for itself: the best quality education is available to students living in the U.S.

  • Lower education cost: International students pay more than twice as much for their education in the U.S. colleges when compared to the in-state students. International students cannot legally work in the United States, whereas students who arrive to the U.S. as EB-5 dependents (or investors) can legally work in America.

  • "Melting pot" of cultures: People of all ethnicities and religions enjoy the freedoms offered to them after immigration to the USA. If you move to America, there will be no restrictions in practicing your usual lifestyle. You can choose to live in a community speaking the same language as you and maintaining the traditions of your country.

  • Higher income and more affordable cost of living than in most countries. American citizens and permanent residents enjoy salaries that are higher than in many other places around the world. In other words, your skills and knowledge are priced at a higher rate in the U.S., so your work has a bigger value.

  • High market demand: America offers endless opportunities to entrepreneurs. Most U.S. businesses open the doors to profitability. Market demand continuously reaches ultimate highs in America, with consumers used to comfortable lives and always willing to buy various services.

  • Climate: Weather and environment in the United States are versatile, so you can always choose to live and start a business in a State with warm or cold climate, depending on your likings and preferences.

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Latest News for USA Immigration

News Update

Indians benefit on EB-5 visas, extension to help aspiring investors

The EB-5 program designates green cards to foreign specialists in return for their ventures and an endeavor to make something like 10 American employments. Just 10000 EB-5 visas are issued every year with a 7% per nation cap. In the event that a country doesn't meet the cap, the unused visa share is redistributed to different nations. The quantity of EB-5 visas apportioned to Indians has ascended to an incredible rate amid the financial. Immigration specialists say that applications from India may have crossed 1000 figure for the year ending Sept 2018.
Indians expecting to apply for an EB-5 visa can profit by the brief extension up to Dec.7 as per the current plan. This may prove to be useful as they can exploit the predominant venture prerequisites of US $1 million or a half a million dollars in specified target regions.
The EB-5 program distributes green cards to foreign financial specialists in return for their investments and an endeavor to make something like 10 American occupations. Contributing by means of a local regional center, which agrees to support business ventures, is more typical than setting up one's very own enterprise.
The short expansion the EB-5 program is a part of the 'spending', which was marked by the US President Donald Trump as of late. Else, the EB-5 Regional Center Permanent Resident program had a last date. In any case, the cut-off date was additionally part of a six-month extensions, one of the expansions made in recent years.
At present, for Indian candidates, the preparing time for an EB-5 application is 18 months to two years, restrictive permanent living arrangement status is at that point extended to the financial specialist and his family (kids must be unmarried and below 21 yeas). Following 2 years, the investor needs to apply for lifting the conditions and move towards acquiring a green card, handling of which can take almost up to 2 years.
Visa retrogression which arises when the applications exceed the cap, could increase the waiting time for a green card by a few more months, Immigration experts say.
As per evidences available, a dominant part of the EB-5 candidates from India are either working in the US or has a child studying there. Reasons are credited to the spike in enthusiasm for EB-5 visas, which included probability of an expansion in venture limits, fixing of H-1B visa standards and a phenomenally long trust that H1B specialists will acquire a green card. The EB-5 chops down the time and gives an opportunity of getting a green card.

News Update

Due date for investment under EB-5 visa extended to Dec 8, 2017

For those, who are keen to apply for EB-5, a move by the US government that has extended the due date for investments via regional centres - a significantly more popular mode of investment for obtaining the EB-5 Visa. Applicants can now make their payments by December 8 this year.

This is the second such extension in 2017, as the earlier expiry date of April 28 had been extended to September 30.

EB-5 visas, also known as Investor Visa, have shot into the limelight as the H-1B work visas are getting difficult to come by for entry level jobs, usually for freshly qualified individuals. Families, especially those whose children are studying in the US, are increasingly making inquiries about EB-5 visas in India.