Great assistance by ISA staff. They were professional while resolving my concerns.

- Prabhu Sahay

Happy with their assistance in visa process. Good job.

- Rochak Gupta

I had a good experience with ISA global. The customer service is the best I have come across thus far. They did not just help me with my student visa, they also helped me with my IELTS exam preparation! They are the best in the business.

- Sonia Dsouza

The fastest service I have encountered. They had a very efficient and quick approach towards my visa for Canada. The express entry service is genius! I received my visa very quickly and other immigration formalities were taken care of in a timely manner as well.

- Sehrish

The team of ISA Global is very cooperative and you don't have to worry about any legal procedure. I really had an amazing experience with ISA Global.

- Smriti

I am happy with their services. They give timely response to the queries and clear all related doubts. Good job ISA.

- Vimal Tiwari

They were really helpful and professional while resolving my concerns. I feel good about choosing ISA as my immigration assistant to Canada.

- Preeti Sharma



Very good

- Renuka kolakar

My friend advised to consult ISA global for immigration. Services are amazing and hassle free. They have true professionalism. I would recommend.

- Sanjay Sinha

Thank you ISA Global for your good services. My dream come true just because of your help.

- Suresh Yadav

We know you for your good services ISA Global. Kudos!

- Salabh Mishra



It was a brilliant experience with ISA Global. I wanted to apply visa for myself. My friend introduced me about ISA Global. I got the help of ISA in applying for PR visa. They completed my visa process fast and professional way. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for immigration assistance.

- Sultan

This company is great! I was in a terrible place looking for services,I can across websites with extravagant fees and then I found them. Their service is not too expensive and they are on point.

- kashish

Had a dream to go to Australia which ISA Global made possible. Thanks to the entire team.

- Ranjit Kapoor

Overall experience was good. Worth a try.

- Neha Kaul

They helped me through each and every step of the Express Visa process. I would not have been able to do it on my own.

- Rhea Singh

My husband is living in Australia and it was time for me to accompany him. ISA Global helped me through the way.

- Sunita

Very helpful consultant and hassle free service.

- Bhuvan Bora

Amazing experience with ISA Global. They helped me with processing my VISA for Canada.

- Bhuvan Bora

Very happy with the service provided by ISA Global. They made my journey to dubai very smooth with the immigration process. Thank you.

- Rizwan Arshad

ISA Global helped me work land a job in Leading shopping mall chain in Australia. Now I'm living the dream. Thank You ISA Global

- Manorama

All my freind have gone to CANADA. I also wanted to go. Thank You isa global!

- Harpreet

I want to work in Canada

- Mohammad Aslam

I approached ISA Global to get a descent job in Canada and they helped me at every stage. They answered all my queries, helped me to get good score in IELTS exam and managed all the VISA application formalities. Thank you ISA Global.

- Sahil

ISA Global has a high reputation around the country and they are best in class agency which can even help people who have zero knowledge about the abroad education and career. From career counseling to exam preparations and visa process, everything is dealt at one place where success rate, customer satisfaction are very high.

- Salil Bhardwaj

Great assistance by the counselors. Happy that i choose ISA for immigration.

- Kamal Taneja

Satisfied with their services. Quick response to the queries and friendly guidance is really appreciable. Good job!

- Aditya Ranjan

Thanks for helping me to immigrate Canada. It was a great experience with ISA and their staff.

- Sudeepti Roy

In addition to Immigration assistance they help you to get ready to face the system. Helped me in IELTS preparation and score good in that.

- Kumar Mangalam

Cordial staff and organized way of working. I like their service.

- Mehak Gupta

They helped me in IELTS preparation to immigrate Canada. Good experience with ISA.

- Krishn Kant


- Rohan Dutta

Appreciate their way of working and commitment toward the clients.

- Mohit Puri

ISA Global offered a friendly assistance during my immigration process. I am completely satisfied with their services.

- Neetu Ahuja

Happy with their services.

- Pawan Sinha

Before i came to ISA I used to think immigration is a tough process. Thanks to their staff for making it a breeze for me and my husband.


It was a great experience with ISA. Got my visa for Australia on time.

- Suraj Maan

Cordial staff and organized working process. I recommend ISA Global to all.

- Pratibha Chabra

ISA is doing a very nice job. Got my visa for Canada on time.

- Rohit Chauhan

These people are very helpful throughout the process. Thanks for the assistance.

- Ekta Pandey

A good company for those seeking help in immigration. Recommended.

- Byakchampui


Feedback from our clients...


Very nice information regarding the immigration process.


Good session

Hi it was a good session. Looking forward for further process.


Seminar in LUCKNOW

It was very informative and was very helpful to make up the mind and take a final decision regarding immigration.






Ajitesh answered my queries aptly.


Informative Seminar

I attended the seminar few days back and it was very informative and well organised. Looking forward to proceed futher for the visa process.


Excellent Seminar

I attended the seminar last week and it was very informative and well organised. Looking forward to proceed further for the visa process.



The seminar was full of new information related to immigration. Many of the new facts came to be known and there were a few myths that were busted. The experience as a whole was an enlightening experience and helped me make up my mind more firmly for immigration but only with required piece of information.



Nice Seminar


Great Experience

It was more informative and clarified all my doubts. I am very happy with the presentation and also the counseling process


In length description

A detailed one-to-one session by Mr. Sharma seemed good. Looking forward to have a decent experience with you.





It was really knowledgeable session, cleared many doubts


way forward to the costing and immigration process.

The seminar was a real eye opener and gave the attendees a good idea about immigration and opportunities available. The slides presented were very informative regarding immigration process on the whole. Waiting for the further discussion with the ISA Team



The session was very informative.


Seminar and post seminar followup feedback

I attended ISA seminar at Noida. Speaker had the excellent knowledge on immigration processes. The seminar was well organised and it was very informative for me as I didn't had any prior knowledge. Also, post seminar followups response is good and I am exited to go with ISA for further processing.


Informative Seminar

The seminar was an eye opener and gave a good idea about immigration process and all available opportunities. In short, informative, attractive, positive. Waiting for further discussion with your Team.



Nice Seminar


Quite informative

A lot of useful information was delivered. It was quite an eye opening session


Immigration system

Overall, I found good in seminar. The seminar was informative. I came to know several things about immigration process. Hope will soon meet with the personal manager and will solve my queries, which I have.


About immigration

Seminar was too good, learn lot of interesting things there related to immigration process



It was good.. It's enhanced my knowledge and build belief & trust in ISA



Seminar was very informative. I learnt different aspects of immigration which was undoubtedly good. Thanks for the guidance


Benifits of Seminar

I have learned lots of information about the immigration process. I got the idea, how to get the job and how I will apply for immigration.

Pratap Kumar

ISA Seminar

The Seminar was an eye opener and full of facts and figures ..



Seminar was good in terms of brief about each aspect of immigration, after evaluation report & discussion with Randeep I can give feedback on this.



I attended seminar in noida and got clarity about immigration .It was well informative session,looking forward for the more support in immigration



I attended Lucknow seminar of ISA, in this seminar I know many thing regarding immigration. Seminar is very useful for me .


Very good and interesting seminar, learn a lot about immigration process. And unknown facts come in front of me

Very good seminar, know lot of unknown things there about immigration process





It was good


First Orientation

Thank you ISA for having this programme meticulously designed for the test takers. My first counseling session on IELTS Exam preparation has provided me with a good framework to begin with. The Coach explained in detail on the focus areas of tests. I am looking forward to have my test materials shared for more engaging sessions.



The seminar was a real eye opener and gave the attendees a good idea about immigration and opportunities available. The slides presented were very informative regarding immigration process on the whole. Waiting for the further discussion with the ISA Team



I had many things in my mind regarding immigration process. This seminar help me to over come the barriers. Looking forward for next process.


Informative Seminar

I attended the seminar last week and it was very informative and well organised. Looking forward to proceed futher for the visa process.


u r requested to in mail...plz provide feedback

That was my first seminar about PR visa and found some use full knowledge through your seminar.



Seminar was good and informative. Catch-up you guys for further process.


About seminar

Very good seminar, information shared in seminar was very important to us


Good Session

Good session in Lucknow , I feel some of my doubts are clear .


Lucknow seminar

It was a great time to know about basics n professional approach to immigration.

Dr ashwani


Well Qualified and experienced People and really motivating for immigration why and how and the best thing was the way they introduced and explain the proceedure no one even felt that they have been there for non stop 3 hours. Excellent.


Myths clarification

Attended Seminar in Lucknow, got clarity on various points / concerns regarding the PR was more of interactive session, cleared various doubts / myths which other consultants does not shares at this initial stage.. Hopefully ISA will be helpful for providing PR Visa to the deserved candidates...



It was very informative seminar, got to know about many new things regarding immigration.



Good session, looking forward for PR Visa with a job in Canada in next 6 months


Immigration seminar

Seminar attended for immigration procedure, Canada PR, awesome experience



Seminar is very helpful. Helped us to understand the process in higher level. Looking forward to proceed with the visa process.


Opprtunities regarding immigration

Dear sir/ mam, as far as i concern with the seminar now several doubts are cleared but still there are some still persist. But overall this activity of seminar help us to know various kinds of knowledge regarding immigration . Thank you



They have taken through a very clear path on how to achieve our dreams starting the immigration with out delaying. I have a serious decision on enrolling for immigration and take up the challenge, Let me look and feel the support what ISA will extend to me and stand with their words in helping my dreams come true.


Over all information

Good session which has given complete positive information. Registered to get further assistance.



Hi, Firstly, thank you for the seminar. I got to know where I am lacking behind and my loopholes. I got to learn a lot of new topics. I am looking forward to connect with you for the further procedures. Thank you.


Feedback on Seminar

A very good interactive seminar, which gives a clear insight on how and what to be consider when we think immigrating abroad. Looking forward to work with ISA in fulfilling our dreams.


ISA Seminar

Good . I got clarity on lot of things . Like PR process , Benefits of the immigration. ..Ext .



The seminar was informative, interactive and really motivational for the people thinking about Canada/Australia immigration.


Interactive Session

Good session. I got to know my weak points. Looking forward for further process.


clarification on visa

Thanks for your very quick responsive ...all doubts are clear. Good job Looking forward to proceed with the visa process.



Hi Team, Seminar was really informative and convincing. The team appears to be professional in this immigration business. They are providing all necessary information and also addressing the questions which are raised. I haven't opted for IR on the day of the seminar, can you please call me or let me know where can i call and discuss the rest of the process. Thanks, Abhijit


Eye opening seminar

Very informative and an eye opener for beginners. Your age is very important factor for moving abroad. Looking forward for the process.


Seminar Feedback

I have recently attended the seminar in Delhi which assisted me in clearing my doubts. Looking forward for PR visa process and jobs on shore. Regards, Aditya Malik


About the style of working

I am impressed by the professional approach, attention to minute facts and details and efficiency of ISA.


Canada PR

Seminar & Counselling was very good, informative. would have been more attractive, if statics added for customer success. & statics for who were not able to get through.


Immigration Process

this seminar clear my vision for immigration and clear my all doubts.


Feedback against seminar

Seminar is very informative and helpful to know the process of immigration. Some points are there which usually we are not aware. Couple of hours are worth it to devote time.. Kudos !!! To ISA team



I had attended the seminar on 7th April in Delhi. It was very informative and cleared my not only current doubts but also cleared my some future questions. It seems they are process oriented and proceed step by step.Now I am optimistic about my Canada PR. I also hope ISA will help me time to time in every step in very transperant way because transperancy brings trust. Since seminar was the first interaction with ISA, I hope in coming day we will know better about them and feedback at that time will be most appropriate. Cheers! Amir



It was enlightening. Every issue was meticulously touched. Now the picture is very much clear.


Orientation was good

Orientation was good. We met Mrinal, people from documentation team and IELTS team. They took care of our queries very well.



I just attended the last seminar held in mumbai and lot of my doubts are clear. Good job Looking forward to proceed with the visa process.


Looking for Canada PR with Best Team

Connected with Mrinal and has good experience so far.


Feedback on Seminar

The seminar was highly useful in terms of understanding the process, the current requirements and the opportunities.Waiting for the further discussion with the ISA.


More clarity around it.

Seminar was very informative. I learnt different aspects of immigration which was undoubtedly good. Thanks for the guidance.. Looking forward to your support in immigration.



Have attended the Seminar which was very planned and executed by you folks. Gave me positive thoughts to start this visa process, which now seems little easy. Ideas/formulas shared during seminar were very informative and useful for applying my case with correct method and approach. Keep up the good work Team :)


Mumbai Seminar

The seminar was informative, well planned and really motivational for the people thinking about immigration.

Dr Rashmi


The seminar attended by me on 7/04/2018 in new Delhi was very informative and describing the country wise requirement to immigrate along with the scope as well as full analysed presentation to attract the mindset for immigration to different countries. It was very much helpful for me to generate ideas within the seminar and also helped in showing the direction as in how to add the opportunity of working in such a great infrastructure built-in country. I am in my primary stage of starting the procedure to fulfill my dream of getting a job abroad I hope I will get the support from ISA who has been giving me the proper touch and taste the flavour of abroad. I am in continuous support from Tanya for further help.


Very helpful_thank you

This seminar is one of the best I have attended,I am glad I got to attend was exactly designed for the person like me. Overall flow and hurdles were informed to every one in initial stage only .this helps everyone to plan there future path in proper manner.



Good in depth detailed description for someone who is interested in going abroad


Seminar Feedback

Very Informative. Needed more information on certain points but I think they can be cleared in one to one meeting.



I'm keen to know more about the process and procedure moving forward. Attending seminar gave me a lot more insight and Very informative which shows transparency in what I have to focus and make a move. Regards, Zing


Seminar was easy to understand and we have learnt even a little more about our ambition.

Effective seminar class that took our thoughts to the next step. Now we have clear understanding on few things about immigration process, choosing the right Country, right province and etc. Seminar was much helpful.

Mrs. Saranya


Very good


Canada Immigration

The Seminar was very informative about immigration and opportunities available.I have enrolled with ISA now and the process have begun and i am looking forward to take it up to the further process.


Seminar feedback regarding

I was little confused about the migration process and after the seminar attend on 31/03/2018 I had more information about the migration process and the PR VISA. I am looking forward for the upcoming process



Good session


Canada Immigration

The Seminar was well structured and touched the points where most have doubts or concern. The Seminar not only gave the insight but gave the assurance of full support in decision making and being frank to suggest when to proceed and when not to proceed. Though in general the Seminar is also another marketing gimmicks, here the structure and presentation gave more confidence to proceed to the next step of the Process if the person is really interested. Overall a well done team effort and good exposure.

V Deepak

Seminar feedback

I attended ISA Seminar along with my spouse and we understood the immigration process and PR Process. We are interested to move to Canada.


Seminar was informative and convinced

I have attended the Seminar in Hyderabad. Mr. Abijeeth gave more information about immigration and opportunities available around the world for the skilled professionals. I have taken a step to start process and i am looking forward to take it up to the further process.


Seminar feedback

Seminar was very useful and I understood the immigration process through seminar only. I’m glad that I found ISA to process my PR


Post Seminar Evaluation

The Seminar was very informative and gave me lot of awareness. Now post the seminar the evaluation process is being done with proper discussion to understand the individual requirements.



The seminar was very much informative and cleared most of my doubts. Looking forward for the next week counseling session.



Hi All, I am satisfied with the seminar. Looking forward the call from ISA to proceed next level. Regards Rajkumar


Immigration seminar in Chennai

Overall its very useful for beginners..


Very informative

Harini has been very helpful and clear in getting through the message about immigration to Canada. She has given a very detailed briefing about IELTS, CRS score, and the fee structure.




Immigration seminar in Chennai

I have attended the Seminar in Chennai. Mr. Anurag gave more information about immigration and opportunities available for the skilled employees. I have enrolled with ISA now and the process have begun and i am looking forward to take it up to the further process.



Seminar was informative, speaker had covered all relevant areas and provided much useful information of all the procedures that are required for getting the PR of any country. I will be in touch with ISA for guidance. Neha


Seminar was very informative

The Seminar was absolutely great. It covered the 6 W's of Immigration and was very informative. Abhijeet was very patient while addressing all sort of questions being asked. Appreciate his great knowledge about Immigration. While i am still deciding on immigrating due to personal reasons, i will be in touch with ISA incase i make up my mind for any country. Thanks


PR Visa - Canada

The seminar was good and informative too.



Hi Team, Thank you to Mr. Abihjit for bringing to us a very informative real seminar in Hyderabad. I am inclined for the immigration for the Canada shortly. Thank you for the great encouragement which you have provided us and to up lift the future of each individual. God Bless You! Regards, Fazal



I am very much impressed with seminar .I had the good information




Informative session

The counselling was informative and allowed me to make a decision based on the facts.


Immigration Seminar

The seminar was very informative and provided information on all the acute items during PR process. Looking forward for a personal discussion.



The seminar was useful, informative and concise. Hoping to get certain doubts and queries cleared. Hoping that ISA is a good agency.


Informative session

I was eagerly looking for seminar like this. It helped me alot take decision.


Career Counselling

Liked the way seminar took place and also facilitator's approach. Managed to get lot of information on PR. Also Tanya has been very good in following up and ensuring seamless communication throughout. Looking forward to take ISA's help for my immigration. Syed


Chennai Seminar

Hi Team, Special Thanks to Anurag Sir for bringing to us a very informative real seminar in chennai and this enabled my friend and myself to enroll further. Now that our process have begun with you, looking forward to work with you in continued good efforts. Regards, Vishvaa


Listening & Reading

She was very patient and cleared all my doubts. Gave the guidance on how to practice. It is really very helpful. Thank you so much.



Good to know about myths and overall Good experience on seminar.



We attended the seminar on migrating abroad. The seminar was highly useful in terms of understanding the process, the current requirements and the opportunities. Presenter was very dynamic. Provided the necessary information and guidance. Currently in discussion with the ISA.


Counseling part

Very happy with the counseling part. Tania is cooperative. Thank you.


Initial clarification

It was a wonderful experience interacting with ISA( Ajitesh). He was very patient and articulate in answering to my queries. Many thanks!


Feedback on Seminar

Seminar was highly informative.They are providing all necessary information and also addressing the questions which are raised.So far everything looks perfect, waiting for the next steps.


Canada PR

The seminar was highly informative and instructor was knowledgable,will be in touch with Isa. Cheers! Nitin


Everything looks good.



Overall good experience


Seminar Feedback

The seminar was excellent and we got some useful inputs regarding the immigration process. Looking forward to satisfy my Canadian PR & Canadian job dreams with ISA Global. Sandeep



Over all great experience


Feedback form

Seminar helped me to solve my all problems and doubts



Very Important Seminar Done with lots of Information. Thanks a lot Sir.


Feedback for the Seminar attended

I attended the seminar seeking advice on migrating abroad. The seminar was highly useful in terms of understanding the process, the current requirements and the opportunities. Seminar was informative and now at least I have confidence to think when we have ISA to guide at every stage. Presenter was very knowledgeable person, made everyone understand to the level of their understanding and cleared all the doubts. Waiting for the further discussion with the ISA.


Feedback for seminar

Seminar was informative and useful. It's good platform to start the process.


Valuable Information

We attended the seminar and it was very useful to understand the process and clear all our doubts and queries. We found the information and details provided in seminar are valuable to make a decision and process further on this decision.


Feedback on Seminar

Seminar was very informative and clears many of my doubts/concerns. I am in very initial stage of discussion with my family and taking decision to step further. I love to get in touch with someone and really appreciate to get call from team.



Overall great experience.


Feedback on Seminar

We attended the seminar seeking advice on immigration and understanding the scenario and the process. The presentation was highly useful in terms of understanding the dynamics of the process, the requirements and the need of the hour. Key life insights from the presenter will be highly helpful , no matter the outcome.


Seminar and initial days discussion

Seminar was really informative and convincing. The team appears to be professional in this immigration business. They are providing all necessary information and also addressing the questions which are raised.


Feedback for seminar

Seminar was quite informative. Now atleast I have a direction to think. It's very difficult to do on our own. Very helpful when a facilitator like ISA guides.



Seminar was really good and very informative...have got a clarity on the requirements. Harini gave a good explanation on the country selection and my profile...It was very useful to take a decision



Attended the seminar on Saturday. Have firmed up my view on immigration, would like to know how and look forward to the support. regards, Sanaj


CV's Format

First of All thank you very much for the Seminar and I must say It was a Impressive session. Only one thing came into my mind that post seminar when you are asking for CV's from individuals as single or family you should provide a CV format which is good for you as well as for candidate. Because this will give you all information from all the candidates in the format and candidates will you the required information only as per your requirement to assess them. Thanks & Regards Sandeep



Useful session for everyone, specially those who has myth for immigration.


ISA Seminar

Very Informative.



Dear concern, 1.Seminar was very good more than expected. 2. It is nice to have your hands to push me towards my goals. 3. I hope further process will also be as same level shown to me till now. 4. Specially I like your step by Step Process.



Very useful session. Cleared my doubts. and Trainer is experienced and knowledgeable. So far everything looks perfect, waiting for the next steps.


Thanks for the support

Mrinal has been very supportive and helped me with all of my questions.


Feedback on Seminar

Seminar was very informative and gave a great insight on benefits of immigration. The seminar literally prompted me to take the decision to immigrate. All good so far. I am waiting for next steps and hoping for the best.



Seminar was very good and full with information.


Seminar feedback

A very good session to attend to get an understanding of how to migrate to another country. will connect with the team soon to start my journey to a new country



The seminar has cleared lot of myths about immigration and was informative. Looking forward to get this process done through



Very informative and smooth seminar. Presenter made things easy for all to understand by initiating the conversation from ground 0 to the level of our understanding. So far so good. Waiting for the call from ISA on the next step. Regards, Syed.


Seminar Feedback - Pune

Thanks for arranging such an informative seminar :) Looking forward to my assessment results. Fingers crossed!



It was informative session in all aspects of immigration



This seminar was good and very informative. This seminar has given information and now i can plan or work further to immigrate.





It was fruitful seminar for those who are really interested in immigration.


Regarding reach-ability for queries

I have been constantly in touch with Harini, the mentor who tracks my progress. She is always reachable and if I send her a text message to call me, she would call me as soon as possible. My only feedback is that sometimes when I really wanted about something, I may not end up talking to her instantly but need to wait in few occasions. However, whatever queries I have, are addressed and resolved. Other than that, so far, things seem to go fine and hoping to end up reaching my dream destination :)


Seminar ISA

It was very eye opening for me. I am keen on starting the process for PR visa as quickly as possible.



The seminar was good and very informative.



I attended the seminar last week and had good information regarding migration process and why to migrate to countries like Australia and Canada. I am looking for this exciting journey.



The seminar was very useful and prompt. Covered all the topics very well.


Seminar feedback

Very informative session . Cleared a lot of myths regarding international placements and immigration. Extremely well collated data and statistics.


Seminar presentation

Presentation of seminar was quite impressive. Based on the fact I will decide when I will start


Regarding seminar

Value-adding seminar by Anurag.


Quality of details about the Process

You guys have very good details about the overall process and I liked the way of suggesting candidates the right options as per their profile to get maximum benefits. Regards Ravi



Harini gave a good assessment of my profile. Thank you


Review of the Seminar

This seminar was good and very informative. I was planning to immigrate but as all others, had no knowledge on the same. In that sense this seminar has given information and now i can plan or work further to immigrate.


Good presentation

Good presentation and seminar , covered all relevant details.



The seminar was well structured and gave logical insights which have formed the cornerstone of my decision.



The seminar conducted by ISA Global did meet expectations. It was presented in an impressive way. I hope we continue this journey and attain the main objective of PR


Awesome Seminar and Guidance

The seminar conducted by Mr. Abhijeet was awesome. I got to know detailed information regarding the PR process. I am now looking forward to carry my PR application with ISA Global. Thank you once again for your guidance and help!


Great pieces of information

I attended seminar on 18-03-2018. I can say it was a good seminar, almost all initial questions were addressed. For initial evaluation process I am very satisfied with the ISA team.


Precise and well delivered

We really liked the seminar. It gave us good understanding of the process. Thanks



Good session with insights to reflect upon


Response from the coordinator - Reg

Hi, Guidance and response from coordinator, Bengaluru is good as of now.


Seminar feedback

Useful session and covered all the topics very well.



Todays session with the trainer went well. It was informative n she suggested to send a particular material in 2 days time



Wonderful and insightful seminar and very well explained by an experienced speaker.Looking forward to have fruitful conversation with you sir.


PR Visa

The seminar was quite helpful and provide a hope to achieve a higher goal in life.



Seminar was useful for immigration and how could we proceed step by step with a given process details. looking forward closely to get in touch with iSA. Thanks for bringing more interests in immigration.



Hi I'm so thankful for the seminar, I had thoughts to migrate to Canada but never know where to start from. Thank you soo much for letting me know the basics Looking forward for actual inputs that you can help me with.



Everything was precise and to the point.


It was excellent

It was an excellent discussion. ISA Team has explained various aspects about the immigration in details. I will get in touch with the ISA team after completing my IELTS exam and will resume the processing. Regards, Pawan


Australia PR

Well presented and detailed Seminar on burning queries related to immigration. the organization seems to be very sorted in their approach and objective.


Thanks for time and clear descriptions

Thanks for time.


Seminar was nice

It was good and interactive session overall.



The seminar was perfect.



Seminar was excellent and we all got good awareness.


Immigration Process

The seminar was excellent and we got some useful inputs regarding the immigration process. Looking forward to satisfy my Canadian PR & Canadian job dreams with ISA Global.



I am happy with ISA Immigration team , as they promised that they will contact us regularly and they are doing it.


Canada PR

Hi, I had a nice seminar on 2nd March. The team provided a sufficient information about PR processing, advantages and disadvantages of settling in Canada and Australia. I hope I will get Canadian Visa in an easy way through ISA. Thank you.


Canada Pr

Seminar was very much useful and got the data about the immigration process. Thank for inviting and for explaining about the process.



The doubt clearing session was very helpful it gave me clear perspective on which parameter I need to put extra efforts to achieve good score. Tips and Tricks provided will definitely help in my studies especially in reading and writing section


Good Seminar

The seminar was very informative and providing information on all the acute items during PR process. Looking forward to meet you guys on 1:1 discussions.


Description of process

It was nice discussion. He explained various details related to immigration process. Overall session was very informative. thanks.

Mohd Noman


It was a good review. Looking forward to quality discussions like these!!


Thanks for time and clear descriptions

Hi , I thank for being welcomed. I wish to say I will surely will pursue Canada pr and willing to work and live with my family there. I find process explanation was very nice and also understanding of my needs were explained with details covered. Thanks to wonderful team. Regards, Navreet



I am happy with counselling which happened 15 days after completing the seminar. I am happy with service so far what ISA has provided so far, I am confident they work with same rigour through out the process.


IELTS Writing

Good session, got to know some of my weak points and also ways to improve.



Thank you for a wonderful seminar, it was good on so many points. The testimonials you spoke of and watching and interacting with the different motivation peach helps everyone enormously. Your course was informative and interactive which gave us practice and examples of what it can do was most important.


Informative Seminar

The seminar was very informative


Seminar was excellent

The seminar was well conducted and was very informative & motivational.


Assess of resume

I have attended the seminar on Sunday at GGN and I find it informative. Also submitted fees for assessment. So you are requested to assess my & my wife resume and revert at the earliest.


Information on immigration

Seminar was really informative as per my expectations. The data shown was really appreciable. Moreover most of the queries were resolved on the spot.

Ravi kant sharma

Seminar 25th Feb Gurgaon

The seminar was very informative and looking forward to a great relationship with ISA


Immigration to CANADA

Me and My spouse attended the Seminar on 25th, Gurgaon. it was very informative and Motivational Seminar. we were preparing to go but from 25th Onwards we are taking it very seriously.

Gagan Deep

Director was very impressive

Initially while beginning the seminar I thought maybe I'll waste a couple of hours here today and get bored! But Abhijeet's attitude and strictness made it pretty good. I hope I pursue the things because of which I am associating myself with ISA.


canada immigration

seminar was informative


PR Visa

Thank you very much for well coordinated seminar. Session conducted by Director was quite informative and helpful. He seemed to have a tremendous experience in the field of immigration and resettling to abroad. Practical advices/suggestions which were imparted on selecting a destination country, its benefits, pros and cons, efforts in the proper direction was really appreciated. After attending a seminar, I was convinced that you really wanted to help people.



Informative and provided some clarity



The seminar was quite informative however it should have touched upon the total expenses that a candidate would incur in the entire process.



The session was informative and cleared must of my doubts.



It was an overall nice experience at Gurgaon seminar. The immigration benefits are well explained with examples and providing answers to each questions asked. Just started an evaluation process!! Nishant Verma



Attended the Gurgaon seminar on the 25th of feb. It was really informative for a starter like me who dreams of settling abroad. Looking forward to a good relationship with ISA.


1st training call with ielts trainer

It was an informative session by Ms. Sheetal. I got to know tips and tricks to complete writing task especially essay. She explained every sentence while reading. More session required.



Dear Team, Post seminar in Bangalore I am in touch with the counselor, so far she is prompt in clarifying my queries.Looking forward to work with ISA to make my dream true. With Regards Bommannan


Abroad Job assistance

Good just started the process.


Evaluation for Dream Country

Great Session and nicely explained all steps.



A valuable insight on the mistakes that I make in the writing test. Hope I try to follow the guidelines next time. Great session



The doubt clearing session was very helpful it gave me clear perspective on which parameter I need to put extra efforts to achieve good score. Tips and Tricks provided will definitely help in my studies especially in reading and writing section



Good interaction , The session was so informative.



The session was informative and cleared must of my doubts.



It was a great seminar which cleared a lot of doubts and concerns.


Writing IELTS

Got a better perspective about the writing test. Trainer was really good and hope with practice I will be able to achieve the target score.



It was good run through of Important points.


Writing and speaking section

Sessions with Sheetal mam, trainer ielts are just great, helping me to grow in how to write n speak every time. Thank-you ISA.



Very interactive, Q&A helped to clear the doubts. Elaborated the process nicely.



Very useful, informative and helpful to gain confidence and decision making.


Very informative

Shared information that we are not aware step by step.


Well Explained

Elaborative session, cleared doubts and queries for all.


ECA process

Required information shared by Ms. Surbhi



Good interaction and seminar is interesting.



Fantastic session- very well articulated and taken through all necessary step.



Great opportunity to learn and understand the risks and benefits of going aboard.


Well Explained

The seminar is very useful and informative. Gives a complete idea on immigration.


Interactive Session

Gives good idea on the process

R. Kiruthiga

IELTS Counselling

She gave me last minute suggestions and techniques, which should be helpful in my exam.



This was our first session for IELTS and it was quite effective. We get to know the areas where we are committing mistakes and the tips were good to rectify them. Although, we found the time allocated was less as we are two individuals (husband-wife) in a single application with ISA. We request a little more time going forward so we can address more of our queries. This time we could not get feedback on all the material we sent which I found the only scope for improvement in the session. Thanks Abhishek


ielts session feedback

Overall good first doubt clearing session. Highlighted areas of mistake done. Guided how to avoid it, given some general tips and tricks to avoid mistakes. -- Mahesh


Very informative and helpful

Got a clear Idea on what to do next.


Impressive seminar

Understood necessary process on Canada Immigration, thanks a lot.



It is very good program conducted by ISA.

B Pavan

Very informative

It is a good seminar since i went back home with more knowledge than i came in with.


Satisfied, Very nice experience

Very nice experience and now i have a clear thinking regarding the process of immigration.



Great seminar, it is worth spending time to listen and getting knowledge.


Interactive Session

Very well said, very informative, clearly understood the PR procedure.



Doubts and fears are addressed successfully and I am some more confident and serious about immigrating now



I personally liked the session, cleared doubts what i had.


Well Explained

The session helped me to understand the immigration process and the right approach for effective utilization.



Gives clarity to take decision.



Absolutely informative. In a better place to make a decision.


Very informative

The session was good and informative about immigration process.



Nice interaction, got all knowledge about how PR process.



Good Information sharing and increased my knowledge and it will help to get the job.


Interactive Session

The interaction was helpful in understanding the technicalities for the PR.


Writing Session

Hi Team, Today I had my first session with Ms. Thara in regards to my writing. It was a very good experience being taught everything in detail on the call. It was more than what I had actually expected it would be. The way she explained by reading every sentence and gave an idea how to use the vocabulary and how to structure the body of the letter and essay was impressive. Looking forward for more sessions. Thank you so much Ms. Thara & ISA Team, Regards, Susmitha


Listening and speaking discussed

Pretty satisfied with the trainer. Tips were useful for both listening and speaking. More sessions required.

Kaushik Debnath

Interactive Session

Well planned and it will be useful for my PR process.

Zubair Khan B.k


Down to earth seminar.

Dattaraj Sardessai

Very informative

This is my first experience of attending such a seminar. I really liked the way Mr. Anurag gave the presentation.

Anka Sharma


It has covered all the basics wherever required.

Rajkumar Athmarao

Writing Skills

Hi Session was quite fruitful. She gave good tips of writing effective letters and essays.


Interactive Session

It was good session and very interactive.

Mukul Kumar


It's a wonderful session, many things got cleared.

Gagandeep Singh Jaura

Well Explained

Well described the reason for looking to immigration.

Amit Kumar Gupta


It was really a very informative session.

Yogeshwar Singh

Clear doubts

Clear my all doubts and positive next step.

Manish Kumar Vimal


Excellent support.


Login and documentation

It was very helpful to talk with her. She provided me a right information as were written in the mail.

Rupesh Jadhav

Well Explained

It was an informative session and explained in a well manner.

Rajasv Saxena

Very informative

Its perfect and I got many ideas and knowledge related to PR + IELTS.

Nikhil Verma

IELTS Training Session Telephonic

It was nice session with trainer. She has given proper guidance for preparation for IELTS on Writing section and given useful tips. and given some online references to refer for English Improvement



Motivational seminar.

R Divya


Very informative and excellent insight.

Ben Hussain


Information given on the countries was really useful.


Cleared all doubts

Seminar was so informative and clarified the doubts on the process and its really motivating.

Mercy David


Gained more information then doing personal research.

Venkatesan Madhavan

Interesting session

Wonderful session, very motivating and interesting


Interesting session

Came to know about clearly the PR Visa/ Work Visa and immigration status of countries.

kamal kumar.k

Nice session

Good presentation and i have learned the immigration process.

A . Vairasudhan

Very interactive seminar

Very nice and useful conference.

Christy Anita Sonia

PR process clarity

Explained the basic things of PR process. Understand the PR Process clearly.

Anu k pillai

German Visa

Need more insight about German visa , need more insight about how do job search in different country.

Saravanan Sambath

Regarding UK Process

Good to know about how we can start things.

Venkatesh Karumudi

Informative session

Got a clear picture for immigration.

Abhishek Mitra

Nice session

Nice session about the PR process and the requirements.


Very informative seminar

It was good seminar of quality information.

Rahuram Gopalkrishnan

Good seminar

It is good session to clarify our doubts about getting jobs in aboard.

S Ashok Kumar

Feedback about IELTS Trining

The trainer was very informative and specific to the point. After first session only I am clear about format of IELTS exam and tricks. I am clear about most of the queries. I would like to thank ISA for providing qualified trainer.



The session was helpful and informative

Paulami samaddar

Feedback on IELTS Book 11

I had a detailed discussion on Book number 11 about some specific queries on Listening and Reading sections. Feedback was also given to me on Writing section and on which parts of the Essay and Letter I have to work upon. Instructor has been very patient in listening to my queries and surely her tips would be helpful for me in my subsequent books.


Above expectations

Session was very insightful and motivating

Rohan Khamkar

Good clarity

Good and Fine clarity on PR / Work Visa.

Sanjay Pawar

Very informative

The session was very informative and interactive.

Prashant Shashikant Borlepawar

Good seminar

It is good seminar for me to know the process for I have to plan with my family.

Kamal Kant Pratap Singh

Good informative session

Good informative session that will help make a decision.

Rajendra Seelam

No doubts

Cleared all the major doubts.

Hindurao Shamkant Shinde

Listening and Reading

Trainer seemed knowledgeable and was giving time for my questions and taking feedback. Overall good session. Thanks!

Uma Ravi

transcript verification process

Very helpful for providing the details I wanted


Decision Making Seminar

The session was extremely useful for us to make a decision.

Rohit Ashok Jadhar

Informative Seminar

Found the session helpful, to the point and right information.

Vaishali Thengal Gawali


I really liked the methodology ISA follows. It seems very unique process.

Harinder Singh

Immigration Process Clarity

It has given a more clarity in Immigration process.

Mohamed Yazdan


Excellent Encouraging Seminar.

Amit Harish

Good Session

Good Session with many doubts cleared.


Nice Seminar

Very nice Seminar,got many clarification in the process.

Ankit Singh

Informative Seminar

It was very Informative Seminar.

Ojas R. Patel


Should also Encourage on Information of Non-IT Jobs.

Rahul Ashok Joshi