Get to know Opportunities in Australia for Indians

opportunities for Indian students in Australia

A lot of opportunities await Indians in Australia, offering better growth chances. It goes without saying, Australia is a dream destination in terms of higher quality of life, good infrastructure and all more, a power economy.

Australia known for its point-based system is well organized to offer new immigrants, plenty of opportunities through its Skilled Migration visa, Study visa, Business visa, Permanent visa, working visa and a lot more…

To get into this beautiful country, you need to follow various steps and eligibility criteria:

  • The point-based system needs you to score well to become an eligible applicant. The minimum points required are 60 to get through for a visa, however, the more points you score, the better are your chances of getting selected.
  • Be under 50 years of age (for Skilled/sponsored work visas
  • Get the IELTS Certification with required scoring points.
  • Get Skill Assessment done from an assessing authority.

You can apply for Skill Assessment and English Language certificate. Consult an ISA Global expert for the requisite training and preparation of IELTS test, which is the standard set today for English language testing.

  • Choose an occupation from the SOL (Skill Occupation List) to apply.
  • Get Sponsorship form for an Australian state (if applicable)
  • Submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) on skill-select
  • Be in good health, good character (Certificate to be produced)

Get your well-written Resume ready along with a cover letter attaching details of your visa and educational credentials. If your profile is selected, you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for visa and you will have 60 days to submit the application for the visa.

Opportunities to move to Australia

Skilled Migration Pathway – the GSM (General Skilled Migration) is the key pathway to move to Australia. It’s a so-called point based system for assessing capable applicants has its process of skilled workers being ranked by their need. They need to pass health and character tests, also English language quiz on the nation’s constitution, history, and values.

The GSM covers two permanent visa categories too i.e. subclass 189 visa and subclass 190 visa.

The biggest source of skilled migrants is from India, followed by China and the UK. Another 11.8 million to arrive in next 30 years with a major number of migrants moving to largest cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, a government report says.

Permanent Residence Visa (PR)

If your profile is selected for the visa you will receive the ITA for PR visa:

  • You need to file an application with accuracy
  • You need to submit all essential documents
  • Once the application is submitted, you need to follow up with the authorities for approval of PR visa.

ISA Global can help you through the key procedures and get your visa approved.

How to move to Australia without a job offer?

Without a job offer from an Australian organization, you can apply for key GSM visa categories i.e. subclass 189 or subclass 190 visa skill select system.

Seek assistance and support to Apply from an ISA Global expert.

Key benefits of Australian immigration

  • Low unemployment rate and skill shortage in Australia
  • Skill independent visa and other sponsored visa categories offer PR status
  • Several social security benefits and free or subsidized health care
  • Strong economy and membership with International trade and financial organizations
  • World class education system and top universities
  • Point-based immigration system and faster visa processing to apply for PR.

ISA Global is the leading immigration consultant in India and we have helped thousands of our clients to settle in countries like Australia and Canada. If you are planning to immigrate to Australia, kindly contact our skilled experts for further assistance/ guidance.

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