Applying for an Australian PR Visa- Key things to know!

key things to know for Australia PR Visa application

As we all know, the Australian PR Visa the most popular visa in the world. It is evident from the number of people applying for the visa by submitting their Expression of Interest or the EOI. The immigration system is a point-based program, thus, attracting a lot of people to apply. It is also regarded as the easiest and hassle-free programs for obtaining the Permanent residency, unlike other countries.

The point-based system of the Australian Immigration policy allocates points based on your profile factors. If you wish to apply for an Australian PR Visa, below are the key features to know before applying for the PR Visa.

  1. Age criteria: Your age plays an important role while applying for a Permanent residency visa. Your age must be above 18 years and below 45 years. People in the range of 25-32 get the maximum points for their age; i.e., 30 points. The points for your age decrease as you age, you get only 15 points between the ranges of 40-44.
  2. Refer to the available job codes: Your job profile must match with the open job codes that the immigration authority has set. You must check these criteria before doing anything else. Consult an expert just like ISA Global in order to know your eligibility.
  3. English Language proficiency: This is the most important and driving factor of your PR application. Since all the factors are fixed, IELTS or the PTE Scores are variable. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognized body, which organizes the English exam and allocates scores based on four categories; that are, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. It is mandatory for people to get a score of 7 bands or above in each category in order to get good points.
  4. Submit an EOI and get the required 60 points: Australia’s point-based program is a perfect program for the skilled people. To qualify for the point-based system, you must submit your EOI in their online SkillSelect system and get the required score for your PR profile. The qualifying marks are 60 points or above.
  5. Character and Health report: Australia is strict about the health of the people who wish to apply for the Australian PR Visa. It means that you must not have any deadly or contagious diseases when your application has reached them.

Moreover, you must not have any kind of criminal record against your name. You will need to submit a doctor’s and a police clearance report to the DIBP.

In case, you think you need guidance and cannot proceed on your own, please feel free to get in touch with any of our expert at ISA Global and get assistance, advice, and support throughout your journey. Fill our Free Visa Assessment Form to start the Australia immigration process.

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