Important Announcement:

The new year is well underway and even though it was time to increase our fees as is customary, this time we have waited. The reason is the overwhelming requests we have received from our prospective clients to give small extensions. During the pandemic, many families are in a tight spot and the management at ISA has agreed to not increase fees for the next few weeks. Do note the fees will increase shortly and once the service fee increases, past proposals (at lower fees) will not be entertained. We thank you for your consideration and support.

ISA provides the following additiobnal services to it's clients, once they land in the country where they have immigrated:

  • Pick up from the airport and taking to pre-arranged accommodation

  • Options for temporary stay in country of immigration

  • Counseling on business environment in country of immigration

  • Application for bank account, credit card etc.

  • Application for driving license and other related documentation

  • Introduction with real estate brokers for permanent accommodation

  • Information regarding transfer of funds from India to country of immigration

  • Access to various job banks and other private placement agencies

  • Providing regular updates on the job market

  • Any other settlement related information