New Zealand is a country with many opportunities and a better quality of life. It is quite a peaceful country with a lowest crime rate and population. The Government invites Skilled Workers from all over the world to live and work in New Zealand permanently. Migrating to New Zealand can be a life changing experience for those who really want to earn more and want a good and peaceful life for their families. Let’s look at the reasons as to why one should move to New Zealand.

About New Zealand- Why Choose New Zealand

Work-Life Balanced Lifestyle

New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It is known for its work-life balanced style. It is a developed and a very well connected country with all kinds of opportunities for people who want to have a good career and a better quality of life. New Zealand is one of the top three countries, people want to migrate to, in order to have an improved lifestyle and wellbeing.

New Zealand has a very low population density. So, the streets are uncrowded, there is a low crime rate and compact work places to make your lives less stressed. It is often seen that most migrants find New Zealand way better in reality than they had expected.

New Zealand Job Market and key Industries

If you have the right skill then New Zealand would love to invite you to come and work there. As New Zealand was minimally affected by the global financial crisis, the employment conditions in New Zealand are expected to remain still and strong. There are many job openings for Skilled Workers in industries like Medicine, IT and Engineering.

Some skills are short in supply and the immigration authorities of New Zealand has a list of skills that are more in demand. If you possess the relevant skills that appears in the list of skill shortage, and have relevant work experience, then getting work and visa for New Zealand will be easier for you. The Government understands that the employers must recruit people from overseas to meet their employment and Skills demand. But if your Skills aren’t mentioned in the Skill Shortage list, it may still be possible to get a Permanent Resident visa. Skilled job vacancies are advertised on 3 major job boards on the internet- SEEK, TradeMe jobs, and the Education Gazette.

Clean & Beautiful country- New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most cleanest and beautiful countries in the world. Most rare species of wildlife is also found as the country believes in protecting the endangered species. The climatic conditions are moderate- New Zealand doesn’t have heating summers or freezing winters. It has southern hemisphere seasons, with Winter Season starting from the month of June to August and Summer Season starting from the month of December till February.

Peaceful and Safe Country

The crime rates as compared to other countries are lower and people live a worry free and a peaceful life here. It is also one of the second least corrupt countries of the world. People are open minded and believe that people have a right to live a life however they want to. The Police are reliable and trustworthy which is able to solve a higher number of all crimes.

New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand Immigration Authorities are very particular about inviting people with an expertise in their identified Skills Shortage Area. This is important to be able to find a job easily in New Zealand. You have to research and know whether the Area of your expertise and your skills are in demand in New Zealand or not. If you find your skills listed in the Skills Shortage list then it would mean:

  • Your chances of getting a desired job in New Zealand are very good;
  • Your work and Permanent Resident visa application will be processed faster than other migrants.

To know whether you are eligible for the New Zealand’s Migrant visa, you must fulfill the basic visa requirements. All the details that you provide m=should be 100% accurate and contain zero misrepresentation on all the visa application forms.

To become eligible for the Migrant Visa you must fulfill the mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • Your age should be under 56 years;
  • You must be able to provide at least two identity proofs, where one must be your Birth Certificate;
  • You must take the IELTS Exam, along with your Spouse/Partner and Children aged 16 years who will be accompanying you to New Zealand;
  • You or you and your family must pass all health, character and English language ability requirements;
  • You must pass in the Points System by scoring at least 100 points to register your EOI or the Expression of Interest.

Health: You need to submit a declaration stating that you, your spouse and kids (who are under 17 years of age) are healthy and have no deadly diseases that would be a threat to New Zealand. You have to make sure you meet all the requirements of the New Zealand’s Health Standard.

Character: You must prove that you have a good character, never went to jail for any kind of criminal offense and have zero criminal records at all. The New Zealand Immigration Services are very strict and do a thorough background check of the aspiring candidate.

English Language Requirements: Candidates who wish to migrate to New Zealand, including the dependents aged 16 years who are accompanying you to New Zealand are required to meet the Basic English requirements. IELTS exam score is accepted in New Zealand, so prepare well in advance for the exam and get the desired score if you want to get good points on the Points System.

New Zealand Immigration Points

The Points system makes you eligible to submit your EOI or the Expression of Interest to be ranked, so the candidates who have the best to offer can get the Invitation for immigration to New Zealand. You need to achieve at least 100 or more points to be able to receive the Invitation from the New Zealand Immigration Authorities.

Points awarded are based on:

  • Employment potential: A person with the best skills;
  • Educational Qualification: A person with relevant qualification will be considered;
  • Age: A person under the age of 56 years and above the age of 17 years will be awarded points. Points depend on the age of the person;
  • Work Experience: A person with relevant work experience;
  • Family Ties: A person with a family or relative in New Zealand will get certain points.

The points are calculated as follows:

Skilled Employment Experience
Skilled employment Points
Skilled work experience in New Zealand for more than Twelve months 60
Offer of Skilled work experience in New Zealand or current employment in New Zealand for less than Twelve months 50
45-49 years Age 0
Relevant Work Experience
Work experience Points
Two years 10
Four years 15
Six years 20
Eight years 25
Ten years 30

Bonus Points for Work Experience

You can be awarded certain bonus points for your New Zealand’s work experience, as well as work experience undertaken in the area of future growth or in an identified Skills Shortage area of New Zealand.

Work Experience in New Zealand
Work experience Points
One years 5
Two years 15
More than Three years 15
Area of Future Growth
Work experience in the area of future growth in New Zealand Points
Two to Five years 10
More than Six years 15
Area of Absolute Skill Shortage in New Zealand
Work experience in the absolute skill shortage area Points
Two to Five years 10
More than Six years 15
Educational Qualification
Qualification Points
Basic qualifications of a Recognized standard (Like trade qualifications or diploma or bachelor degree or a degree with Honors) 50
Post-graduate qualification of a Recognized standard (Master’s degree or Doctorate) 55
Bonus Points for Educational Qualification
Qualification Points
Two years of full time Certification in New Zealand towards a recognized Qualification 5
Recognized New Zealand Certification (and at least Two years study in New Zealand) 5
Recognized post-graduate New Zealand Certification (Masters or PHD) 10
Certification in the absolute skills shortage area 10
Certification in the area of an identified future growth 10
Qualification of Spouse/partner 20
Close Family or Relative in New Zealand
Close family in NZ Points
Close family or Relatives in New Zealand 10
Age Factor
Age Factor Points
20-29 Years of Age 30
30-39 Years of Age 25
40-44 Years of Age 20
45-49 Years of Age 10
50-55 Years of Age 5

You must score at least 100 points. But it is advisable to score more than 100 points in order to get the invite for the New Zealand Emigration. The higher you score in the Points System, the more likely it is for you to be considered and that too on priority. The New Zealand Government is always looking for Experienced and Skilled Workers especially in the Future Growth area and the Skills Shortage area. So, if you fall under these category, then you will get the Invitation for Emigration.

Moving to New Zealand from India

New Zealand is the most desirable destination for potential immigrants, who wish to make a move to this amazing country, in search of an improved lifestyle with a better livelihood and enhanced economic conditions. This beautiful country attracts skilled people in New Zealand due to its labor shortage. NewZealand is a very safe place to live, with a low cost living and lower taxation system.

The nation actively promotes skilled immigration. And Indians find this system quite lucrative and move to this scenic country every year in a great number. There is an immigration system to enter New Zealand, it's called the Skilled Migration Category or the SMC. This immigration system enables the skilled and the qualified people to apply under this category for the New ZealandPermanent Resident Visa or the work permit for New Zealand. This immigrationsystem has a points based system that measures a candidate's age factor, his work experience, his qualification and other required criteria, after which their names are fed in the bank of migrants.

There are two official languages of New Zealand English as its first official language and Maori as the second. However, Maori is seldom used by the citizens.

Key Facts about living in New Zealand

  • As a part of the Visa application process, you will have to prove that all the members in your family are fit and do not have any diseases that could be a threat to New Zealand ;
  • You have to take the IELTS test also. It was not necessary before, but the Government of New Zealand has now made it mandatory to prove your proficiency in the English language test;
  • All the PR or the Permanent Resident Visa holders are entitled to the New Zealand's Healthcare benefits;
  • New Zealanders are very friendly and helpful people;
  • New Zealand is expensive but not as expensive as Australia;
  • If you rent a apartment in New Zealand, you will have to pay the rent weekly not monthly;
  • New Zealand is amongst the least corrupt countries in the world;
  • About 1/3 of the country is a protected National park;
  • New Zealand is one of the least populated countries, there are more vending machines in Japan than there are people in New Zealand!

Jobs in New Zealand

Once you have decided to move to New Zealand, you must understand the current job scenario and salaries that you will get after moving to New Zealand. Moving to New Zealand is indeed a smart move for your family, lifestyle and career. As this country is constantly short on vital and highly skilled resources, especially the ICT skilled professionals. Almost all the organizations in NewZealand are now looking overseas to attract all the talent they need.

Tips for hunting for jobs in New Zealand

Customizing your CV and preparing for job interviews is the first thing to do to find a job in New Zealand. Before applying for a job in New Zealand it's important that your CV is updated and contains everything that the potential employers would like to see. Number rule is to be as flexible as possible while hunting for your desired job. By just focusing on the job title can be disappointing for you, being flexible in this area is important for your job search. Broadening your skills are also important, so that the employers know your skills are transferable. Many jobs in New Zealand are never advertised, so meeting new people can be fruitful for your job hunting process.

You just possess the skills that are higher in demand, which will make your job hunting process faster. Read newspapers to educate yourself regarding the opportunities an job skills that are in demand.

Interviews Tips

It is quite unusual for any employer to offer you a job unless your skills are high in demand. Some of the interviews can be conducted using Skype. The interviews are Formal, conducted by a panel of 4-5 people, competency based, etc.

Updating your Curriculum Vitae

Employers in New Zealand expect to see as much information as possible along with evidences. You will need at least 2 reference letters covering the work that you did in the last 5 years, to support your CV. It is advisable to keep your CV to be 4-5 pages long and include the following details:

  • Full contact details;
  • Current Visa Status;
  • Short Summary mentioning your skills and experience;
  • Education Credentials;
  • Your Technical Skills;
  • Work History in details;
  • You availability.

Technical Skills in Demand in New Zealand

Following is the list of the Skills that are in high demand for 2016.

  • Cloud Computing;
  • Business Analyst Role;
  • Mobile Application;
  • Business Intelligence Role;
  • Architectural Role;
  • Role in Business Integration;
  • Security;
  • .NET Developer;
  • Virtualization;
  • Role of a Web Developer;
  • Data Warehousing;
  • Support/systems;
  • Network Engineering;
  • Role of a Data Analyst.

New Zealand Immigration Consultants

Immigration process can be quite stressful and a bit difficult. There are different things to consider before moving and getting all the information regarding the same is necessary. With this thing in mind, we look around for help and the required assistance.

To immigrate to New Zealand from India, a person needs to apply for the Permanent Resident Visa, in the proper prescribed format. For proper assistance you will need to get in touch with our Immigration Experts at ISA Global, who will guide you and do all the immigration related work for you. We are the best at what we do and offer you the best of our services.

We offer unbeatable services related to:

  • Assessment of Eligibility;
  • Tourist Visas services;
  • Work Permit services;
  • Visas services;
  • Permanent Resident Visa for the whole family;
  • Skilled Migration Category Visa;
  • Business and Investor visas;
  • Employment Assistance;
  • Assistance for required Document;
  • Visa Application preparation and submission on your behalf;
  • Full assistance on immigration.

Our business values are:

  • We are reliable and expert in our domain. We have a great team of experts that would help you to cross the immigration path;
  • We are extremely professionals. We finish the task and have a result of 100% success rate;
  • We know our priorities. Hence, we know exactly the right time for you to file any documents or your visa application;
  • We are very efficient. We constantly improve our processes in order to make the immigration process as smooth as possible for you.

We offer the best services at best rates. We provide the best solution to all your immigration related needs and queries.

Use our service to find out whether you are eligible for a particular country. Fill out the assessment form. Make sure that all information provided is authentic in order to make a proper assessment.

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