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Why should you consider Immigration to Canada/ Australia?

Do you feel that the costs are rising and your salary is not keeping up?

By going abroad you can earn an average of Rs. 40 lacs per year and save upto Rs.20 lacs a year. In India, an average Indian saves upto Rs 1 lac per year. So the savings are 20 times in case you move abroad.

Do you feel that your kids education and your family medical expenses are high?

In many developed countries, education for children is free up to class XII and higher education is subsidized. Medical expenses are taken care by the respective governments. In India the average spend on a child's education is upto 20 lacs and medical emergencies are always a challenge in terms of costs.

Do you feel that you deserve a better quality of life?

The civic infrastructure in India including roads, electricity, public amenities etc. leave a lot to be desired. The cost of maintaining a high quality of life here is underestimated & adds up to Rs.5-10 lacs p.a. due to lack of proper infrastructure. In most developed countries, you not only get a high quality of life but you also save these expenses.

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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people now realize the benefits of social security provided by countries like Canada and Australia. You are advised to take a decision quickly as competition is likely to increase significantly in coming months. Use this time available to you while you are at home to attend our seminar/ teleconference and understand why this is just the right time to initiate the process. Did you know that even after PR visa, you have the flexibility to move to the new country in 3-4 years?

So don't delay, get PR visa while it is still available!

Why should you attend our Seminar / Tele-conference
(for Canada, Australia etc)?

Get the big picture on immigration

Don't rely on hearsay and friends. Get the full picture on immigration for countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc and why these countries are preferred over USA, Europe and Middle East. Understand the PR visa process, requirements like IELTS and how to get a job after PR visa.

Correct your wrong assumptions

Most working professionals have very wrong assumptions about their future career prospects in India. For example, most think that they will retire in the 60s while the fact is that in private sector in India, you are likely to face redundancy or forced retirement in the 40s. Correct your assumptions in time, or it may be too late!

Next year will be
too late!

In immigration, your chances of success decrease every year as age increases. This mechanism is built into the immigration point system. Hence even if you want to consider working abroad after few years, it makes sense to start now. Attend our tele-conference to understand why.

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