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Feedback from our clients...

ISA scope

The seminar was very useful. It will surely help me to rethink my career options. The evaluation process was outstanding.


Canada PR

The seminar was very informative and descriptive, i look forward to speak to you in greater detail about the process and service deliver

Amit Kumar


Abhijeet explained the situation in India and showcased how settling abroad will lead to a better quality of life. It’s very real and we need to act fast.


Regarding Seminar Feedback

Nice Seminar and shared detailed knowledge.


Canada pr, aipp,rnip

Seminar is very informative & excellent seminar ieagerly moving ahead with pr.process



Since now from seminar is all ok...seminar was absolutely fine and satisfied....


ISA Seminar feedback

Seminar was overall very good pointing out the current situation of employment in India and how will be the future. Sir has very well explain why immigration is necessary considering there will be very less no of chance to sustain till 60 years of working. Sir have covered the procedure for Immigration very well. It was nice experience with Him.



Seminar was very informative.Lot of information have been given with current data.



Very informative. Thank you.



it was really great informative about immigration progress


Good follow-up

It's been great so far, looking forward to giving my IELTS independently and then continuing the process. Cheers, Aradhye



I have attended the seminar on 29th june 2019. It was helpful to me


Required your guidance

I attended this seminar and it's very helpful for me Thank you ISA team



It was good seminar for immigration


Attended the seminar on 05.05.2019

The seminar was a brief of the process how to proceed ahead for taking step for an immigration to Canada. At this stage, I want more counselling and answers to my some questions. Thereafter, I can process further. Regards Puneet Malhotra



The details was given in seminar was useful. I am waiting for your next stage of discussion .


Immigration Canada

Good and informative seminar



Everything is structured and done perfectly





Feedback on seminar

Hi Team, Before coming to this seminar i dont have much idea about immigration process, so the way he (director) explained about it cleared my doubts and created a positive vibe to move on further. Kudos to all. Regards, Praveen


Canada process.

Over all good.


Immigration Seminar

I have attended the Seminar on 23/12/18 address by Mr Abhijit Virmani , it was a wonderful experience , all my doubts relevant with immigration were cleared by him on the spot and remaining cleared by Mr Ajitesh Kumar through telephonic conversation .I came to know that the immigration or PR Visa Process is not difficult but the complicated & Tedious one . In seminar He explained that How ISA will help step by step to obtaining PR VISA including the guidelines towards IELTS Exam .

K P Sahoo


He is replying good...good person..what ever we asked he is replying quickly as per his responsibility

Venkatesh P


The Seminar in Bangalore was very informative. The benefits and the process of immigration were detailed in a methodical manner



It was a great opportunity to be in the seminar. A well described and stage wise discriptuon of the process for getting immigration.


No specific issues

As of now i am convinced with the details given by my counselor and the clarifications he gave for my queries.I like to proceed with ISA.


Counseling going good as of now

It is going good.


Pr visa for Canada, Australia

The seminar was very informative attended on 25th November, liked the analytics shown and research done. It was both informative and crisp.


Seminar topics

I always had this confusion running in my mind about the benefits in settling overseas. But the seminar was a very well executed knowledge sharing session which made my mind more clearer on this decision.



Had a wonderful learning experience during the seminar. Abhijit really was very good in exchanging information regarding immigration. Great work!


encouraging seminar

The seminar was good. It gave new insights regarding PR. The only thing that lacking during the seminar was a break.


Contact post seminar

Randeep was greatly helpful in advising. Though, I couldn't proceed further basis my case & situation, still would like to say that Randeep was very professional in dealing with me and guided clearly for what the next step should be for me. thanks, Sunil


Very Informative

The seminar was very informative. They touch upon the points that we as clients struggle the most while deciding whether to immigrate on not. Management themselves attempt the exam and this gave me the confidence to approach ISA for my immigration process. All 4 hrs spent were worth it. I have just initiated the process with them, will keep sharing feedback as it goes.


Good seminar

Nice informative seminar. Lot of facts. And genuine efforts by the team to help people immigrating.


Immigration process

Thank you for a great seminar, I feel very motivated your positive and practical advice for immigration process. which is provided a lot of valuable and awareness. Thank you ISA Babu


Good seminar

Value addition to knowledge of im gratification process. The presenter presented facts which were interesting and captivating.


Good guidance

The seminar was highly informative with factual data supporting current scenario in immigration.Learned a lot,on point explainaion on immigration process with good examples.Great work ISA!


Seminar details

Hi , Very well presented why to immigrate , what are the recommended options . Factors explained why these countries are recommended options based on the political aspects as well with the economy of the country. Thanks sir. -Sujeet



It gave a idea as to how one can make best use of time and save money . Speaker made us understand that time waits for none .


PR opportunitites in Canada, Australia , europe

It is informative sessions for audience by providing basic details and opportunities useful for people looking for abroad living chances.


Seminar and next steps.

The seminar was very good which cleared doubts about overall immigration process. This led me to initiate my PR process immediately.



Very nice experience because of my personal reasons I was unable to proceed with you but again I will take chance.



It was very informative session. but on a odd time.


Genuine information about immigration

Seminar organised by experienced and cleared all information about immigration and step wise presentation erase all doubt. seminar was motivational and decision making to immigrate or not immigrate to up countries.



The seminar was really an eye opener to know and learn about the benefits of living in countries, which are offering good life styles. It surely did clear many doubts about think of immgration process.


Immigration to Canada / Australia

The seminar was good and was very helpful in understanding the benefits of immigration to canada & australia. Further, it also helped in gaining an understanding of various benefits provided by the govt of canada to immigrants and a brief procedure for immigration.



The seminar was very much informative and encouraging. All the questions answered by the Director. Thanks to ISA providing opportunity to those who are willing to immigrate. Thank you very much for valuable seminar.


Canada Immigration

Wonderful assistance from my Relationship Manager... On time suggestions provided. Thank you Tania for your continuous guidance.



Seminar was really useful. It clearly demonstrated all the reasons and processes for immigration.


Good Information

Thank you ISA Global for the information which i got it from Seminar.I am with you for the immigration process .


Imigration to Canada

Things are as per expectation. About Seminar, it's a value for me.



The session was well organized. Started on time with supremely presented and well described covering each aspect of a newbie wants to know for Immigration



All the sections and doubts were cleared.



Really the seminar was with a truckload of information everyone should get to know before switching for Immigration



Hello, ISA Seminar good information about where to immigrate, why to immigrate with proper comparison between Population, density, Education and Medical


Job in pharma sector

The seminar was good. Although I couldn't able attend last 30 mins. Currently I am interested for PR assistant for canada


Resume feedback

Got a brief idea about my CV evaluation with miss harini.


Gained knowledge about Canada PR

Seminar was a very informative session. Cleared a lot of doubts.. Looking forward for further guidance.

Sangeeta S


Seminar was very informative. Looking forward to a concrete and satisfactory counselling session ..


Canada PR

It was very informative.


Immigration to Canada

informative and motivating to immigrate seminar. Looking forward to fruitful outcome.


Seminar feedback

Good interaction, valuable information in seminar.

Venkata Siva

Interaction after seminar

Hi ISA Team, Interaction regarding our queries after seminar was very fruitful. we have sort out our all range doubts. ISA Started in very proper manner and hopefully it would be till achievement of target . Thanks



Hi sir I attend seminar in chennai it's very knowledgeable for Those who travel abroad I am interested to refer my friends also coming days Thanks& regards K vinothkumar

Vinothkumar k

Immigration Seminar

Seminar was quite comprehensive and informative. ISA understand the mindset what people have and what they have to improved.



Was a great seminar. Thumbs up from my end. Cleared few of my doubts about immigration. Looking forward to the next steps for PR application.


General Feedback

The Seminar was informative . expecting more test related to reading to determine score for that section as well.


Feedback regarding immigration seminar

The seminar was an eye opener for me. A lot of factors like 45 to 50 years retirement age, cost of healthcare and children's education cost blew my mind. In addition to these funds required after retirement is something nobody thinks about but it has a deciding role to play. All of these were discussed in seminar. then the plans to tackle these problem (mainly by PR visa). The process of immigration and requirements of various countries were discussed in detail. Overall a very good experience and i am looking forward to get some more help from ISA team to finalize my plan.


Canada Immigration

It was an introductory seminar for immigration and turned out to be very informative. Seminar was followed according to set agenda. Doubts were cleared by ISA team. Everything was handled and explained in a professional manner. They take seriously each and every detail. So overall seminar was very good.


Canada PR Process and time

We got insites of the process of Canada PR Visa. Actual cost and consultant cost breakup was given at proper time. ISA first evaluate profile and then only proceed ahead with the visa Process. They are having files of the previous person who has applied successfully for the PR Visa which is more helpful to understand.


Great Seminar

I was listened about ISA a few year ago and at that time I just go through the site and didn't check any further detail but after a long time I received a mail for free seminar from ISA so I registered and also attend full seminar after attending seminar I got some clear vision about the process of Immigration. So it's very helpful at the time.



Seminar was very good and informative..


About PR process

Seminar was best & clear most of the doubt of PR process to Canada. Thank you very much.


Good information on why to seetle in Canada

It was quite an impressive and informative session by the founder director himself at gurgaon


Seminar Was Informative

The seminar conducted in Chennai on 28.04.2018, was very informative and for the first time I felt like I had all my questions answered to the point.


Seminar in Chennai

It was a very useful Seminar for the career as well as to the future. From the outcome, Now I have got an idea that how to increase the quality of life in present and after retirement.


Immigration to Canada and Australia

Good Seminar. Also was time bound in starting and finishing the seminar on time. I am yet to decide whether to immigrate or invest the same amount of money in India itself. Both will give good results, but which one to choose is what I am yet to decide. Seminar was good with all information and overview.


Seminar on 28 April 2018

The seminar was informative & able understand the process.



Thanks for the same. knowledge and experience shared was worth listening.

Abhishek K

Seminar feedback

The seminar was very informative & professional. The basic information given was very good & the presentation included all the important points & statistics which an aspirant should know when he has just started to think about Immigration. Very good communication by the presenter Mr. Abhijeet


Immigration Seminar on 21st April in Mumbai

I came for the first time & got to know many surprising facts about India & Canada / Australia. It's good to move in to other country if you want to live good standard life.


Informative seminar

learnt a lot about immigration from the seminar..Looking forward for the 2 weeks program to begin


Seminar in Hyderabad

I had attended the seminar at Hyderabad it was very good what were common mistakes we all do in the IELTS has explained very impressively. Looking forward to travel with ISA


Seminar Feedback

Session was very informative and especially the way importance of IELTS score and Listening skills



Very informative and helpful seminar on the immigration process


Very good

I was encouraged and motivated to get immigrated post seminar. It was good knowledgeable session.



The seminar was informative and insightful. I came to know new things. Overall It was a good seminar. I am thankful for inviting me to seminar


Good session

Hi it was a good session. Looking forward for further process.


In length description

A detailed one-to-one session by Mr. Sharma seemed good. Looking forward to have a decent experience with you.



Nice Seminar


Benifits of Seminar

I have learned lots of information about the immigration process. I got the idea, how to get the job and how I will apply for immigration.

Pratap Kumar


I attended Lucknow seminar of ISA, in this seminar I know many thing regarding immigration. Seminar is very useful for me .


u r requested to in mail...plz provide feedback

That was my first seminar about PR visa and found some use full knowledge through your seminar.


Good Session

Good session in Lucknow , I feel some of my doubts are clear .


Opprtunities regarding immigration

Dear sir/ mam, as far as i concern with the seminar now several doubts are cleared but still there are some still persist. But overall this activity of seminar help us to know various kinds of knowledge regarding immigration . Thank you


Canada PR

Seminar & Counselling was very good, informative. would have been more attractive, if statics added for customer success. & statics for who were not able to get through.



I'm keen to know more about the process and procedure moving forward. Attending seminar gave me a lot more insight and Very informative which shows transparency in what I have to focus and make a move. Regards, Zing


Seminar was informative and convinced

I have attended the Seminar in Hyderabad. Mr. Abijeeth gave more information about immigration and opportunities available around the world for the skilled professionals. I have taken a step to start process and i am looking forward to take it up to the further process.


Very informative

Harini has been very helpful and clear in getting through the message about immigration to Canada. She has given a very detailed briefing about IELTS, CRS score, and the fee structure.


PR Visa - Canada

The seminar was good and informative too.



The seminar was useful, informative and concise. Hoping to get certain doubts and queries cleared. Hoping that ISA is a good agency.


Canada PR

The seminar was highly informative and instructor was knowledgable,will be in touch with Isa. Cheers! Nitin



Over all great experience


Feedback for seminar

Seminar was informative and useful. It's good platform to start the process.



Seminar was really good and very informative...have got a clarity on the requirements. Harini gave a good explanation on the country selection and my profile...It was very useful to take a decision



Seminar was very good and full with information.



It was fruitful seminar for those who are really interested in immigration.



The seminar was very useful and prompt. Covered all the topics very well.


PR Visa

The seminar was quite helpful and provide a hope to achieve a higher goal in life.


It was excellent

It was an excellent discussion. ISA Team has explained various aspects about the immigration in details. I will get in touch with the ISA team after completing my IELTS exam and will resume the processing. Regards, Pawan



The seminar was perfect.


Canada Pr

Seminar was very much useful and got the data about the immigration process. Thank for inviting and for explaining about the process.


Informative Seminar

The seminar was very informative


Director was very impressive

Initially while beginning the seminar I thought maybe I'll waste a couple of hours here today and get bored! But Abhijeet's attitude and strictness made it pretty good. I hope I pursue the things because of which I am associating myself with ISA.



It was an overall nice experience at Gurgaon seminar. The immigration benefits are well explained with examples and providing answers to each questions asked. Just started an evaluation process!! Nishant Verma



Very useful, informative and helpful to gain confidence and decision making.


Well Explained

The seminar is very useful and informative. Gives a complete idea on immigration.


Very informative

It is a good seminar since i went back home with more knowledge than i came in with.


Satisfied, Very nice experience

Very nice experience and now i have a clear thinking regarding the process of immigration.



Great seminar, it is worth spending time to listen and getting knowledge.


Well Explained

The session helped me to understand the immigration process and the right approach for effective utilization.



Good Information sharing and increased my knowledge and it will help to get the job.


Interactive Session

Well planned and it will be useful for my PR process.

Zubair Khan B.k


It has covered all the basics wherever required.

Rajkumar Athmarao


It's a wonderful session, many things got cleared.

Gagandeep Singh Jaura

PR process clarity

Explained the basic things of PR process. Understand the PR Process clearly.

Anu k pillai

German Visa

Need more insight about German visa , need more insight about how do job search in different country.

Saravanan Sambath

Regarding UK Process

Good to know about how we can start things.

Venkatesh Karumudi