Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada is the most sought after destination for immigrants. The country offers ample opportunities for immigrants to move in and work there. Canada federal skilled worker program is the name of the program through which immigrants can apply. Applications under this program are processed through Canada Express Entry Selection System. The applicants have to create an online Express Entry Profile to file their PR application for Canada.

The selection is based on a point system, in which, you need to score a minimum 67 points out of 100. Your occupation must fall under the “skilled occupation list” of Canada for you to be eligible.

Eligibility criteria for Canada federal skilled worker applications -

Once you have successfully submitted your application form, it will be assessed on eligibility bars as per the criteria described below -

  1. Minimum one year of regular and paid experience (full/part time) within last 10 years.
  2. Skill type 0, A or B as per the National Occupational Qualification of Canada.
  3. Minimum English language benchmark

Work Experience

After clearing the eligibility barrier your work experience is counted. Following are the necessary clauses you must fulfil to immigrate to Canada under FSW program -

  1. Your work experience must be within last 10 years for at least one year in the same job.
  2. It should be regular and paid (full time/equal amount of part time).

Skills required for Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada-

Skills are classified in three categories-

  1. Skill type 0- Managerial occupations.
  2. Skill level A- Professional occupations.
  3. Skill level B- Technical occupations/ skilled trades.

National Occupational Classification is one of the most popular systems used to classify jobs in Canada.

Language Ability

The threshold language ability for FSW program is CLB 7. You need a minimum score in the language ability test to meet the requirements. This is mandatory for Canada FSW program.


  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) by a CIC approved agency (to shows that your credentials are equal to a completed Canadian post-secondary or secondary educational credential).

Selection Factors

The application form is proceeded based on the following criteria -

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Language skills
  • Adaptability

Proof of funds

You have to show proof expressing enough funds to support the family and self after reaching Canada.

Permanent Residence Fee

Once your FSW application is granted, you have to pay the Permanent resident fee. The fee is to be paid before you receive your PR visa from CIC. Fee for medical examination, language test, and police clearance is additional.


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Latest News for Canada Immigration

News Update

Employment is in uniform rise in Canada : Reports

A report on Labour force survey released by Statistics Canada reveals that Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to its lowest point in nearly a decade in November 2017.

Canada’s unemployment rate in November was 5.9 percent. The record low was noticed previously in Feb 2008.

The numbers show employment increased for the second month in a row in November, with the addition of 80,000 new jobs across Canada. The vast majority of those new jobs were full-time.

Looking back over the previous 12 months, Canada gained 390,000 full-time jobs, an increase of 2.1 percent.

News Update

New immigration agreement by Canada – Ontario government

Canadian government and government of Ontario have announced a new agreement, the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA), to recruit skilled immigrants and provide them training to match the requirements of their profession in provinces.

The COIA agreement proposes a $91 million funding to bridge the skill gap between Ontario’s professional standards and the skills of a newcomer. This expense is to be done over the period of next three years. This will bring the skills of newcomers into line with work standards in the province.

The agreement was unveiled on Nov. 24 in a signing ceremony featuring Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, and Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Laura Albanese.

News Update

IRCC Issued ITA to Candidates with 241 CRS Points

With a majority of Federal Skilled Trade Class (FSTC)applications, IRCC issued total 795 invitations to apply (ITA) to applicants under Express Entry Selection Scheme in the recent draw, which was held on November 1st, 2017.

505 ITA were allotted to candidates from FSTC stream and remaining 290 ITA were allotted to applicants from Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) stream.

These applicants secured a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score of 241 or more, in case of FSTC applicants, and 673 for PNP.

News Update

“We want all permanent residents in Canada to become citizens,” Immigration Minister Canada.

Bill C-6 has paved the way for an easy citizenship for the immigrants living as permanent residents in Canada. Speaking in Brampton, Ontario on October 4, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, stated that changes made by the bill have been “long awaited by permanent residents” who have been eagerly awaiting for these changes.

C-6 had been passed into law last June, but some of its most important provisions did not come into effect immediately. The government stated that some elements of C-6 would come into effect in autumn.

“We want all permanent residents in Canada to become citizens. That’s our wish, because we value Canadian citizenship, we understand we are a community that continues to welcome people from all over the world. And we understand the importance and the positive role that immigrants play in our economy, in our society, and in our cultural life,” Minister Hussen said.

“We have a responsibility to ease their path to Canadian citizenship,” he added.

News Update

Indians ahead Chinese in getting Canadian work visa. Report

Indians are ahead Chinese workers in getting Canadian work visa says a report . According to this report, a total 13,670 Indians were provided with work visas in between January - June this year by the Canadian Immigration department, which is 4990 times more than the Chinese professionals granted the permission. 2190 Indian professionals qualified for the temporary foreign work Visa while only 635 of Chinese professionals could qualify for the same.

Canada is the most sought after destination among immigrants to work and settle down and the recent statistics shows that Indians are among the most sought after work force to be absorbed by Canada. As this North American nation accepts migrants from all across the globe which can contribute potentially to the growth of the nation. Increased number of Indian professionals to receive the grant of Canadian work visas is an encouragement for the other Indian Immigration aspirants to Canada.

News Update

Indians skyrocketed in getting work visas by Canada. Report

Indian professionals have taken over their Chinese counterparts to grab the opportunity to work in Canada.

The recent statistics says the same. According to which, a total 13,670 Indians were provided with work visas in between January - June this year by the Canadian Immigration department. This number was 4990 times greater than the Chinese professionals granted the permission.

This figure does not constrain here but also in the list of temporary foreign workers, Indians have become the top scorers, with 2190 Indian professionals absorbed by Canada with this entry, while only 635 of Chinese professionals were taken in.

Canada is the topmost destination among skilled immigrants to work and settle down. As this North American nation accepts talent from all across the globe which can contribute potentially to the growth of the nation.

Keeping the same in mind Canada introduced fast track program GTSP (Global Talent Stream Program) under which, applicants are provided with Visas within a time period of two weeks.

GTSP covers a range of occupations primarily based on computer, electrical, and IT. Companies can sponsor managers and professional workers under this program for a time period of 15 days in six months or 30 days in one year.

News Update

Canada to intake three hundred thousand immigrants in 2017

Canada is going to allow 300,000 immigrants to enter in the country this year.

Canada, the North American country, with overall population of about 35 million, has set the immigration target for the year 2017 to be 0.9 percent of their total population. According to the 2011 census, 20.6 percent of the population were foreign-born and immigrated to Canada.

Canadian government follows a point based system to assess the profile of immigrants, to allow them to apply for immigration in Canada. The point based system is purely based on the skills of the applicant. For which the basic parameters are - Educational Qualification, Work Experience, Age, and Language Skills (English or French).

The Express Entry System was launched on 1st January 2015. It is the most popular Canadian Immigration Program and the most successful Immigration system in the world today! This program aims to select highly skilled and talented people from all over the world who wish to become the Permanent Residents of Canada. There are three types of Express Entry Programs- The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Program, The Canadian Experience Class.

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