Australian Community Workers Association

The Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) is the national body for over 500,000 hard working community work practitioners in Australia.

Purpose of the association
ACWA's role is to support community workers in every sphere of their work. We promote the profession of community work as a rewarding career and set standards and a code of ethics as a guide for exemplary practice. ACWA encourages young people, and older workers considering a change, to consider a career in this essential occupation. Above all we believe that community workers, no matter what job title they work under or who they work with, deserve the support of a professional association to advocate for their interests.

ACWA is a membership organisation and we encourage you to join us to receive the benefits and support that will assist you in your chosen profession.

Formal goals of the association

In order to achieve its purpose ACWA:

  • Leads the direction, development, identity and recognition of the community work profession
  • Maintains and promotes professional standards
  • Provides opportunities for continual professional education
  • Advocates for the professional interests of members and the profession
  • Sets and maintains standards for the accreditation of community services related vocational and higher education courses
  • As the gazetted national authority, assesses skills and qualifications for the purposes of migration to Australia for the occupation of welfare worker
  • Manages and governs the association well on behalf of its members

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