Important Covid-19 Announcement:

We live in uncertain times - times of job cuts, salary cuts and a deep looming recession in India. Our counselling teams (just like medical teams) are overwhelmed with the number of inquiries coming in as families begin to explore immigration options to countries like Canada and Australia which offer social security.

In such times, we can best assist those that have already taken their decisions and need our IMMEDIATE help. In case you are looking for preliminary information, we suggest you go through some of our excellent pre-reads or contact us at a more opportune time. We thank you for your understanding and support.

ISA Global Chennai Seminar

With an aim to educate people about immigration, ISA organizes immigration seminars at different locations in the country. Being a resident of Chennai or nearby and a potential immigrant, you should not miss our free immigration seminar, which is held only on weekends. In seminar we make you familiar with the basics of immigration, the procedure to immigrate to different nations, steps that you have to follow while applying for immigration to countries like Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Denmark, and USA. The topics covered within the course of presentation in the seminar measure–

  • specific immigration classes
  • Advantages of immigration to countries like Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Denmark, and USA.
  • Education, Health, and other welfare program for immigrants in abroad
  • How to select the most suitable nation as per your profile?
  • How to gear up for IELTS exam?
  • Diverse types of Visa entries
  • How to search a desired job
  • How do we help you to achieve your immigration goals?

ISA Global has helped a number of clients to immigrate to distinctive nations like Canada, Denmark and Australia. If you are firm to move ahead in the immigration procedure with us, we can assure you to receive the best in class services to get visa on hand. We're disciplined and professional toward our job and make sure that you get the visa well on time.
Save Rs.5-10 crore & achieve career success with Immigration to countries like Canada and Australia.

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