Canada Federal Skilled Worker application forms are processed through the Express Entry selection system for immigration to Canada. Candidates eligible under this program need to create an online Canada Express Entry profile.

The application selection process requires you to take a point-based test, and score 67 marks out of 100. Candidates, whose occupations fall under the ‘Skilled Occupation List’, can take the assessment test.

Skilled Worker Program applications are judged based on an applicant's ability to become economically established upon his/her Immigration to Canada. All the information you need to apply for Canada federal skilled worker program is here.

Note: The province of Quebec does not follow Skilled Worker Program and is responsible for selecting its own skilled workers.

Once filled, Canada federal skilled worker application forms are assessed for eligibility according to the criteria set out below.

Canada Immigration authorities will only process your Canada Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) application form if you have:

  • at least one year of continuous and paid (full-time or an equal amount in part-time) work experience in a single job within the last 10 years,
  • at skill type 0, or skill levels A or B of the 2011 edition of Canada’s National Occupational Classification, and who have this amount and type of work experience in one of the eligible occupations
  • and all the necessary requirements stated below

Work Experience

If your FSW application form is eligible to be processed, we will then study and assess the forms to see if your work experience is legitimate Your work experience has tobe within the last 10 years and it should be

  • for at least one year in the same job
  • continuous and paid (full-time or an equal amount in part-time)
  • AND

  • skill type 0 for managerial occupations or
  • skill level B for technical occupations and skilled trades
  • skill level A for professional occupations or

on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) list.National Occupational one of the most popular systems used to classify jobs in Canada.

Language Ability

A candidate needs to meet the minimum language levels and while applying;he/she must include the results of a language test from an agency approved by Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration. This shows that you meet the minimum language requirement of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7, which is mandatory for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program.


  • You must have a Canadian certificate, diploma, or credential
  • AND/OR

  • a credential for foreign education
  • and an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) by a CIC approved agency that shows that your credential is equal to a completed Canadian post-secondary or secondary educational credential.

About the Application Cap

Due to a huge number of applications that Canada Immigration authorities receive, they consider only a limited number of applications per year. Between May 1, 2014, and April 30, 2015, they considered around 25,000 complete Canada Federal Skilled Worker application forms for processing. They consider around 1000 applications per eligible occupation within the 25,000 cap. And this is generally processed within this same time frame.

Selection Factors

If you meet all the above mentioned conditions, there are six selection factors based on which they we will process your application forms. They are:

  • your education,
  • your work experience,,
  • your adaptability (how well you are likely to settle here).
  • whether you have arranged employment in Canada, and
  • your skills in English and/or French, Canada's two official languages

Proof of funds

You must also show that you have the financial capability to support your familyand yourself after you reach Canada, in order to be eligible for the Program.

Application Processing Fee

If the applications made under the Canada Federal Skilled Worker program category are found not eligible according to the specified criteria, the candidate will be informed of the decision. As per the discretion of the immigration officer, the processing fee may or may not be refunded,

Permanent Residence Fee

Permanent residence fee should be paid if the candidate’s Federal Skilled Worker application to immigrate is approved. This fee has to be paid before Citizenship and Immigration Canada issues the permanent resident visa. If the candidate chooses not to use the visa or cancel the application, then the fee is refundable.

Other fees applicable are for a medical examination, a language test and a police clearance certificate, which is required as a part of the security and crime background check P.S. Post application submission, process time is a minimum of 6 months.

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